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Worry-Free Medication Pickup and Grocery Delivery Services

With the grocery delivery and medicine pickup service of Premier Personal Shoppers in Louisville, Kentucky, you no longer have to worry about making trips to your local supermarket or pharmacy just to replenish your supply. You can rely on us to get you the medications you need and save you much needed time. Medication Deliveries are only $15. Not only do these services cut your gas expenses, but they also help you save time and effort.

Grocery Items

Small Assistance, Hassle-Free Benefits

Simple errands like getting groceries or picking up prescriptions can be difficult at times. People who are either too busy or have difficulty moving around due to illness know exactly how it feels to be in such situations. Good thing, you can always count on our honest and reliable staff. They help make your life a little more convenient by doing errands on your behalf.

A Systematized Way of Running Errands

Nursing homes, hospices, and other types of living facilities benefit greatly from booking our services. Our reliable team can take charge of getting supplies and medicines in a systematic and efficient way. Upon request, we can set up a regular pickup or drop-off schedule for you. But please take note that we require advance notice for each request. We will deliver groceries to your location within 24 hours following the placement of your order. To better assure your convenience, you can choose the best time frame for us to drop off your orders.

Picking up Prescriptions

Anyone can book this service. However, we will need certain information, like your birthdate, in order to be allowed to pick up the medication. Because these requirements can vary per customer, we will contact your pharmacy to verify the types of information needed for claiming your order. A HIPAA-compliant company, we can take orders and deliver them to your home on the same day. Elderly or homebound clients often indicate that they have found this service extremely beneficial.

Pocket-Friendly Rates

Delivery charge is equivalent to 20% of the amount of your total purchase. The minimum rate, however, is $15. Customers pay us upon delivering orders. We render honest customized services for individuals and facilities. For the latter, we recommend a regular pickup and delivery schedule, which is best done on a weekly basis. We shop at your preferred pharmacy or supermarket and pick up the brands you like. Then we drop them off at your location within the time frame you have indicated.

Prescription Pills

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